Amazing Story of ex-HK Triad Boss – Teddy Hung | 洪漢義的故事–前香港黑社會大佬歸主

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Hear the amazing life-changing story of Hong Kong’s Teddy Hung (洪漢義), a former notorious triad gang leader to a transformed pastor of a church consisting of ex-triad members. (Triad gangs are Hong Kong’s equivalent of the mafia or yakuza, often running extortion, drug and prostitution rackets.)

“The 348 Discothèque and Karaoke bar…operated by a notorious triad gang leader, Teddy Hung Hon-yee, closed down a few years ago. Hung ran gambling rooms, opium dens and bars in Tsim Sha Tsui. In 2009 he converted to Christianity and repented to a pastor in a secular singing concert. It was widely reported in the local press.”

Shared in Cantonese and translated into English at the CHC 23rd Anniversary.



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