How & When Did Christianity Came to India मसीह धर्म भारत मे कब और कैसे आया

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How & When Did Christianity Came to India मसीह धर्म भारत मे कब और कैसे आया
When did Christianity Came to India, or, The origin of Christianity in India. I have observe, many non-Christians have this misconception in their mind that, British rule brought Christianity to India? Or one of the British missionary evangelize Indian when they ruled India, brought Christianity to India. You know, I see lot of comments in my channel as well, that many people don’t know the origin of Christianity in India, even some Christians didn’t know about it. So, in this video, I will answer this question to all. Majority people think that, Christianity came when British ruled India. And then they forcefully convert Hindus and Muslims into Christianity. This is completely false, absolutely non sense. How? Lets see. If you have known Jesus, then you would have also remember, the famous 12 disciples of Jesus, who lived, walked, eat with Jesus, when they were preaching the gospel in Jerusalem. Among them, you may have also remember Thomas, the doubter. Who doubts Jesus resurrection. and when he doubt, Jesus himself appeared to him and showed the nail marks in his entire body. After seeing and touching those marks, Thomas Immediately replied. “My Lord and my God” John 20: 28.

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