Some of you may be curious about how we bring all the information together for this website.  We are working hard and reviewing content in order to bring you in heart-hitting, bible interpreting, real life examples of the heart of Christ.  In order to do this we have a few very dedicated office staff.  Our stringent recruitment requirements and critical evaluation processes has produced a set of office staff that is 100% dedicated to our mission.  We are pleased to introduce you to our office manager and our chief editor.


 CHIEF EDITOR- Mr C (Pic was taken on the first day of his employment)

c_dog-first-day - Copy

Other skills include:

  • lizard hunting
  • lap warming
  • head of security
  • part-time gardener (lawn wetting-28times a day)
  • rocking a bowtie
  • Big fan of the ZZzz Naps (not to be confused with the band ZZ TOP)


OFFICE MANAGER- Ms M (Pic was taken on the first day of her employment)

m-first-day - Copy

Other skills include:

  • Squirrel chasing
  • Couch warming
  • Principle beggar of treat
  • Melting your heart with her big brown eyes
  • Rocking a cowboy hat
  • Big fan of the ZZzz Naps ( not to be confused with the band ZZ TOP)


Staff as seen during a typical work day

present-day - Copy is an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate based on the amount of hair you shed, amount of legs, shape/color and style of teeth, drool habits etc.

At this time we are not taking any applications from our cat candidates until our current staff members finish their appropriate HR training on “How to get along with cats”.