I am Second® – Janine Turner –





From an early age Janine Turner wanted to be part of the show business world. Modeling, dancing, singing and acting were a big part of her formative years, which eventually moved her to New York City in pursuit of a serious acting career. She had ambition, drive, and visions of success. But along the way came rejection— thousands of times- in auditions and tryouts. Somehow she had to deal with it to survive.

Janine first tried dealing with it through alcohol. This caused numerous issues, including the breakup of an engagement, until she discovered she was a blackout drinker and became sober at age 23. Then facing another deep hole of rejection at age 27, she remembered just who was in control of her life and career. At her lowest moment, God shined on her, a vignette in time she has never forgotten and spurs her on today.

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