We all need prayer for any and all of our needs from the Almighty God , The Bible does say that we should pray and petition for each other to God. We would be blessed to have an oppurtunity  to pray for you for your need, please feel free to let us know on the ” LEAVE A REPLY ” column below.


  1. Hi, my name is Simon. My life, especially in recent years, has not been pleasing to God. I seek a repentant heart, forgiveness and renewal of my faith. I ask that God renew my love for Him, and help me to see the sinfulness of sin. I also seek renewal in our marriage, and ask that God draws our two children closer to Him. I would be so grateful if you would hold up these things to God in prayer for me. Thank you.


    • Hi Simon, we are praying for you. God had heard your prayer of repentance. His Word says that he is faithful and just to forgive our sins. When we come to him with a humble heart, he is finally able to forgive, restore and redeem. Keep praying for yourself and your family, read the Bible, find a Bible believing church to attend. All those things will help you remain on the right path. All of us have sinned and we all need Jesus to forgive us and help us. We will continue to pray for Jesus to guide and direct you. Many blessings, my brother.


  2. Praise the lord. My name is Vishal M Kukreja
    I live in the USA , I have been suffering from
    Vertigo for past 11 months.. request if you can please pray that the lord heals my vertigo .. doctor has just started me on new medication, please pray it works and I am healed . Thank you


    • Vishal
      I have also send your request to my Church’s prayer link where several prayer people will be praying for you, Jesus said “where two or more are gathered together in my name there I am, so please claim your healing!


      • Praise God . I am doing much better now with the vertigo. Thank you for your prayers. However , for 11 months it the vertigo subsides and then comes back after 3-4 weeks again. Request please pray that the vertigo does not come back again. Thank you .


  3. Request please continue to pray for my vertigo
    I am still not healed. And now I am getting dizzy even while in my sleep. Please pray that the lord heals me.
    Thank you.


    • Hi Vishal
      We are praying for you, have you seen a Doctor on this yet? It is perfectly fine to see a Doctor because God can do unexplainable Miracles and He also can and will use medical professional and science to heal and cure us.
      Prayer is powerful, praise and worship music and singing Christian hymns in the midst of pain and suffering is fruitful in the sight of God. I do not know your background so I will ask ,
      Are you from Hindu background? Have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior?


      • Yes we have accepted Jesus. I believe you have spoken to my father Mike in USA before too. He asked that I reach out to you to get prayed on. All doctors say everything is normal. I have gone thru MRI, Cat scan and blood work. It is all normal. Doctors do not know why this is happening to me. Request if you can please pray on for me. Would love to get prayed on via phone if possible. Thank you.


      • I think your dad has confused me for someone on your tube, I post testimonies and videos that I find on YouTube on my website, so he must have watched on of the testimonies on my website from someone, anyhow we are praying for you my brother.
        If you have any idols/ hindu religious books or materials related to past religion then get rid of them. There should be no room for Jesus and something else in your heart and in your home, it’s only Jesus!
        God is just and He is mighty compassionate, we shall go to Him with all our praise. Worship and requests.
        I have sent others prayer request for you, God will intercede in behalf of you my bother!


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