We all need prayer for any and all of our needs from the Almighty God , The Bible does say that we should pray and petition for each other to God. We would be blessed to have an oppurtunity  to pray for you for your need, please feel free to let us know on the ” LEAVE A REPLY ” column below.


  1. Please pray for my son Dana that he knows Jesus and stops smoking weed he is only 15 and I don’t want him to waste his life please pray for his dad Michael that he stops giving Dana weed and that Jesus will heal him he is an angry resentful person who says he hates me he also says that Jesus is a lie mostly pray for my son he is still young and doesn’t understand the world pray that he stops listening to disturbing demonic music that talks about killing people and rape etc and that he stops immediately smoking weed his dad hates me so much that he gives my son weed and alcohol to turn him against me he hates me that much that he is willing to destroy his own son
    Thanks Pam


    • Hi Pam , my wife and I will pray for you and your family. We will pray for you and your family in our church group as well , do not give up your hope and Trust in Jesus as he is in control of the situation even if Satan gets his way time to time. God can change situations around and that’s through faithfulness and prayers .
      May God bless you and do miracles in your family’s life !!


    • I had sent a prayer request for you and your family to 5 people and they are all praying for you and also I’m too . God is great, things will turn around at his time we just have to continue praying !


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