We all need prayer for any and all of our needs from the Almighty God , The Bible does say that we should pray and petition for each other to God. We would be blessed to have an oppurtunity  to pray for you for your need, please feel free to let us know on the ” LEAVE A REPLY ” column below.


  1. Hi, my name is Simon. My life, especially in recent years, has not been pleasing to God. I seek a repentant heart, forgiveness and renewal of my faith. I ask that God renew my love for Him, and help me to see the sinfulness of sin. I also seek renewal in our marriage, and ask that God draws our two children closer to Him. I would be so grateful if you would hold up these things to God in prayer for me. Thank you.


    • Hi Simon, we are praying for you. God had heard your prayer of repentance. His Word says that he is faithful and just to forgive our sins. When we come to him with a humble heart, he is finally able to forgive, restore and redeem. Keep praying for yourself and your family, read the Bible, find a Bible believing church to attend. All those things will help you remain on the right path. All of us have sinned and we all need Jesus to forgive us and help us. We will continue to pray for Jesus to guide and direct you. Many blessings, my brother.


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