Dr David Wood — Answering Islam

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“Answering Islam” Series, Segments 1–18 | Dr. David Wood

•Part 01—Why should we learn about Islam?
•Part 02—Who was Muhammad?
•Part 03—Was Muhammad a prophet?
•Part 04—Did Muhammad use religion for his own interests?
•Part 05—What are the basics of the Islamic worldview?
•Part 06—What are the main differences between Islam & Christianity?
•Part 07—Are there historical mistakes in the Quran?
•Part 08—Are there scientific mistakes in the Quran?
•Part 09—Is the Quran good for the 21st Century?
•Part 10—How does the Quran view women?
•Part 11—Where does the Bible call Jesus “the Son of God”?
•Part 12—What does the Quran say about the Bible?
•Part 13—Has the Quran been perfectly preserved?
•Part 14—Is Islam the world’s fastest-growing religion?
•Part 15—Are there contradictions in the Quran?
•Part 16—Is Islam a religion of peace?
•Part 17—Is Christianity a religion of peace?
•Part 18—How can God die?

ACTS17APOLOGETICS: http://www.acts17.net

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