From a Hindu Brahmin to a Christ Follower

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If you have any questions feel free to write to This is my own story, how I who was an ardent Hindu Brahmin, proud and extremely spiritual. Practicing and holding fast and loving the gods and goddesses which I worshipped. But, when I read the Bible and realized that if God is holy He can not just over look my sins and accept all my offerings to please Him. As a just and righteous God He must judge sinners. However, unlike Hinduism, which preaches that sinners must be destroyed, I read in the Bible how Jesus Christ, God incarnate, as a sinless substitute, suffered and died for me so that I should not be destroyed, but saved. That I realized is the true demonstration of love, which no other religion can show. Jesus Christ, not worldly Christianity is the only One who can forgive your and my sins. Only He rose again from death and is able to give you power to conquer our sinful temptations and give us wisdom and strength in life and lead us and bless us as our God and Father.

Pheba Sibin

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