Radical Jihadist Muslim encounter with the Truth…Beautiful Testimony (Pls Share)



Radical Muslim Jihadist who wish to kill Christians, found Jesus & follow…Beautiful Testimony Video courtesy and all credits : Peter Ahlman TLR SWE Youtube channel. God Bless this Church & Pastor @ Sweden. Now Shaima is making disciples for Jesus Christ!!! **Shaima is in the documentary “In His Footsteps” … here’s the link https://youtu.be/4QK7-0ao1YA **


Click “CC” or “settings” button for English & Indonesian subtitles. Community contributions: On . Encourage you all write ” sub titles” in your own languages. Because, this is a powerful video to share to muslim families. There is lot of muslim families , facing problems of Jihadist idea’s of their kids to join IS. I think this is the best video to SHARE that kind of muslim kids. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH EVERY BODY , MUSLIMS , CHRISTIANS , HINDUS AND ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Click “More actions” button for transcript in English.

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