2017 Hottest Debate in Indonesia: Prophet James & Lamsen vs Zakir Naik

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Published on May 6, 2017

The Hottest Debate 2017 in Indonesia:
Over 2 Billions Christians & Muslims Shall Benefit from this Debate.

By invoking the US Fair Use law, I shall comment
on the impromptu debate between Lamsen Naibaho and
Zakir Naik in respect of three questions:

1. Is Esa of the Quran the same Jesus of the Holy Bible?
2. If Esa is Jesus, did the crucifixion of Jesus really occur?
3. If there was a crucifixion, who was crucified?

The live debate was held in Bekasi in Indonesia on April 8, 2017.
I shall assist Lamsen Naibaho to present the overall
Christian perspective based on the Holy Bible.
Whenever there is discrepancy between
the Biblical Jesus Christ and Quranic Esa as preached
by Zakir Naik, I shall interject by inserting my comments.

In Isaiah Chapter 1 verse 18, it is written,
“Come now, and let us reason together,” says YAHWEH.

It is a noble task to rationalize together based
on the scriptural evidence and archaeological
evidence available to us.

Hence, invest about 60 minutes of your time so as to watch
through this documentary and know the truth once and for all.

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