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Hi guys! I’m back again with another testimony of my conversion from Sikhism to Christianity. Although I have had an upbringing of 2 religions intertwined. I would always represent myself as a Sikh as that was the main religion pursued within my family as a whole. Hence the title solely mentioning Sikhism.

As mentioned in the video, this is an overview of my personal experience in the faith. I believe there are Sikhi’s out there who practise the religion in a different way to myself, due to their upbringing or personal conviction.

I commend everyone commenting their viewpoints with LOVE. Lets all express the NATURE and LOVE OF GOD creating UNITY despite our differences. This is a platform for GROWTH not resentment!

I will also be creating a Q&A video to answer questions you may have so please feel free to email me your questions as I am more than happy to answer them!

I do not intend to offend anyone belonging to another faith, however this is my truth and I will stand by it!

Since I committed my life to Christ I’ve undertaken the task of ALLOWING God to transform my character. Along with the establishment of a refined identity He blessed me with countless experiences where He proved HIS ABILITY to sustain me through the storm.

If you need any advice I am willing to support you, contact me through email:

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Background Music: This music does not belong to me and is property of CalledOutMusic


Stay tuned and be BLESSED! God bless you all!❤️



This is from the youtube channel of HE IS ABLE

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