From ashes of islam to the glory of Christ

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Millions of muslims worldwide are converting to Christ once they hear and understand the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Muslims are hungry for God and have faith but in the wrong god. They have been deceived by the devil to follow and worship an idol called allah. Most of the time in order to please allah, muslim have t do despicable things. According to Islam, the only sure way for a muslims to go to heaven is to commit jihad because they are ignorant of the freedom and redemption that is in Christ. Pastor Ramin Parsa converted to Christianity once he was introduced to the Gospel and was disappointed and tired of harsh rules and rituals of islamic sharia law. Ramin’s life drastically Changed after he realized that Jesus Christ is God’s Son who came to the world as a man and died on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins, was buried and rose again on the third day for our Justification. He realized that this salvation of Christ is solely based upon what Christ did and not we do. Ramin was determined from that point on to share the Gospel with millions for people who are desperate for

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