Christianity explained in 10 minutes | Animated Bible Summary

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In many countries people growing up today do not have a Sunday School understanding of the gospel, or even the basic facts about Jesus.
Understanding Christianity starts with looking at the basics that connect Christians. Then you can compare the beliefs across the Christian church, the keys to worship, and read the Nicean creed, which is commonly used in Christian liturgy.


Christianity encompasses a great number of beliefs about a great number of different subjects and the ideas that spring from those beliefs, resulting in endless specific convictions. Basically, though, Christians agree on these ideas of salvation:

– God loves and wants a relationship with each person.

– Everyone is born with a tendency to sin. And this sin, whether it’s large or small, separates people from God.

– God came to earth in human form (as Jesus Christ) and paid the costly penalty for sin by dying on the cross for all people. He rose from the dead three days later, triumphing over death.

– God offers forgiveness to everyone.

– Anyone who accepts this gift of forgiveness and believes in Jesus Christ receives salvation

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