Testimony of Punjabi Family – Gurdeep Singh and Family (Punjabi)

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This is an awesome testimony that you just have to watch. Each member of Gurdeep Singh’s family shares their journey to knowing and believing in Jesus. And each journey is unique and amazing.

In short, this family was plagued by evil spirits that would harm the family in a variety of ways. The spirits would possess the mom at times. And they would speak to the father and son in their sleep. Tortured by these spirits the family was hopeless and helpless.

They tried everything, but nothing helped. In fact, those who tried to help them would end up in trouble themselves. But then Jesus came into their lives as set them free. The true story of how this happened, you have to hear for yourself. I guarantee you will be blessed.

And interestingly, the daughter was the only one who was not plagued by spirits. The entire family starting believing, but she didn’t want to leave her faith and traditions in Radha Soami. None of her family forced her. The decision was left to her. And through a series of miracles and wonders, she too made a personal decision for Jesus.

Please pray for this family and share their stories!

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