Testimony Of Bro. Jitendra Singh Sisodiya (In Hindi)| Shubhsandeshtv

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Our Motto and purpose is to build a strong Nation in Healthy,spiritual and of a sound mind.Programmes on SubhavaarthA/Shubhsandeshtv channel is focused on happy family orientation.Though spiritual,we cater for all denominations.If you are having sleepless nights,we cater for your heart desires and needs 24 hours -Round the clock switch on SubhavaarthA/Shubhsandesh programmes in telugu,english and hindi.
We cater for the youth and children programmes because of our expertise we shoot ,edit and broadcast only the best.Your talents of singing,music, and dramatesy is all viewed on our channels.
Now you can also reach us in the YouTube.
Programmes catering dynamic outreach,includes-Education,health,personal development,purpose of life-dealing with dynamic personalities and how they reached super natural heights.
Our motto is better living especially family oriented changing lives and Nations.

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