What to Do when you Feel Disconnected from God






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What do you do when you feel disconnected, distant from God and you feel as though you’ve lost your passion for God and your spiritual life just feels stagnant? Stick around and find out the solution.

Hey welcome back everyone my name is Allen Parr and I am SO EXCITED about our word today. Every so often it’s normal to feel disconnected from God so I want to look at two verses today and give you four steps you can take to reestablish that intimacy with God. The author uses the imagery of a runner who is trying to reach a goal. I am excited about our word today! Everything we need to know in order to restore out intimacy can be found in these two verses right here.

1. Lay aside the WEIGHT – “Let us strip off every weight that slows us down”
a. Normally something that is innocent and harmless but it’s something that consistently diverts our attention, drains you of your energy and hinders us from developing intimacy with God.
b. It could be a particular PERSON or PEOPLE
c. Busyness – Your schedule is so filled with activities. And if you’re serving in ministry in any capacity the danger is to confuse activity for intimacy. Duty NEVER replaces Devotion.
d. Disappointment with God and that is blocking your intimacy with Him
e. Career, overtime, etc.
f. Social Media
2. Eliminate the SIN – “…especially the sin that so easily trips us up.”
a. When you and I have some perpetual sin that is reoccurring in our lives it creates GUILT and GUILT creates separation from God. And then you have to break through your own guilt and conviction to try to re-establish that connection with God. But it’s difficult when you find yourself caught in the cycle of sin and confession.
b. So identify that sin and truly repent of it so you can experience intimacy with God.
3. Walk in PURPOSE – “And let us run the race…God has marked out for us.”
a. One of the reasons why you are feeling disconnected is because God has a specific purpose or race He intended for you to run. And when you are not running that race it creates an unrest within you because you’re doing one thing but deep within you know you should be doing something else which leads to feeling disconnected. Let me give you a few questions I encourage you to ask yourself if you are trying to find your purpose.
i. What negative experiences has God allowed in your life that God can recycle to help others?
ii. What do you see wrong that you long to make right?
iii. What gift(s) have other people consistently affirmed in your life?
b. So I encourage you to figure out what your God-given purpose is and walk in it!
4. Focus on JESUS – “We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus.”
a. Do the things that foster intimacy (consistent quiet time). Remember, good Christians meet with God when they can; they fit it in when they can. Great Christians meet with God at a set time every day.
b. There is NO short cut to intimacy. If you want it you must be willing to put in the work and time.

So if you’re struggling to feel connected with God be encouraged. I’ve been there so many times in my own personal walk and so have so many others. But the good news is that just like in any relationship if you’ve ever experienced intimacy with God you can get it back by following these 4 simple steps.

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