What makes Jesus Christ & Christianity unique and true- CHECK IT OUT!






Hi guys,

So among all the religions and philosophies, how do we know Christianity is true? While there are many ways to address the question, let’s begin by saying that Christianity makes sense of the world around us. In other words, it presents the most correct worldview based on the world in which we live.

So why Christianity? The answer is three-fold.

* First, Christianity is only as true as the person of Jesus Christ. He fulfilled prophecies, claimed to be God in flesh, performed many miracles, died, and physically rose from the dead. Christianity is about Jesus, His claims, and His deeds. It is based on Him and it is only as true as He is true.

* Second, Christianity is consistent with reason, facts, and shows evidence of God’s inspiration in the Bible.

* Third, all other religious systems are either unverifiable or irrational in their teachings.

In this video I will address each topic more in depth.


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