Hindi christian testimony by Pandit Manthir Ram sahu- A Hindu Poojari who found Jesus (Hindi Language)





Testimony of bro.manthir ram sahu, who was a hindu pandit turned to the lord after knowing the truths..

This video is in Hindi , If you are a Hindu man or woman then you are not here on this website by a chance but we strongly believe you were brought here for a reason by someone who created you so you can get to know him. Jesus Christ is the answer to all our problems, search, questions and our eternal life once we die. Satan will have you live and die not knowing Jesus Christ, satan aka lucifer was kicked out of Heaven along with his demons and his mission is to take millions of souls to hell with him.

Christianity is not a religion but it is a relationship with Christ who came to this world and died for us as a ultimate sacrifice so that we can be saved if we believe in him and accept him as our savior. Jesus died for us and then ressurected and he now lives …You will find the grave where he was buried to be empty because JESUS IS ALIVE!! Buddha, Mohammad, Ram, Krishna and Guru Nanak have all died and still buried where they were and they can’t save you either!

Please feel free to look around this site for questions regarding Jesus Christ and feel free to view testimonies from people who were not born in Christianity but through visions from God, miracles from God or by faith and testimonies have come to Christ.


Who is Jesus Christ?- This video is by Dr Ravi Zacharias- An Indian ex-Hindu.





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