Abortion no more: Dr. Kathi Aultman shares why she became pro-life

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Dr. Kathi A. Aultman shared why she stopped committing abortions in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on March 15th, 2016. The purpose of the hearing was to discuss two pro-life bills. One bill would ban abortions after 20 weeks. The other would ensure that a baby accidentally born alive during an abortion procedure be given proper medical care and treatment. Aultman, who has performed both first and second trimester abortions, testified in favor of the bills.

During her time as an abortionist, she committed abortions by suction D&C (in the first trimester) and D&E (in the second).

Aultman started to question abortion when she began treating premature babies. She found herself trying to save the lives of preemies while aborting other babies the same age. When confronted with callous women who used abortion as birth control or trivialized killing their babies, she began to realize what a terrible thing she was involved in. Seeing the babies’ torn apart bodies every day, Aultman knew abortion was nothing to take lightly. For the first time, she began to have compassion for the baby. Aultman claims that most doctors don’t perform abortions for very long:

“I found out later that few doctors are able to do abortions for very long. Physicians are taught to heal, not harm. OB/GYNs especially, often experience a conflict of conscience because they are normally are [sic] concerned about the welfare of both their patients but in an abortion they are killing one of them.”

Aultman ended her testimony with an appeal to lawmakers:

“I have always thought of myself as a good person but at one point I was horrified by the realization that I had killed more people than most mass murderers. Today when I meet young men and women that I delivered, the joy of meeting them and knowing that I played a part in bringing them into the world safely, is clouded by the thought of all the ones I will never meet because I terminated their lives. I would not want to be in your shoes and have the burden of knowing that I could have prevented the deaths of thousands, even millions, and did nothing.”

Aultman’s story is powerful and compelling. We can only hope that lawmakers are moved by it and inspired to vote in favor of the bills, both of which will save preborn lives from abortion.

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