Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God?










Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? Can Christians love their Muslim neighbors without embracing Islam? How do the Qur’an and the Bible compare? The C.S. Lewis Institute-Chicago welcomes Dr. Andy Bannister, who holds a Ph.D. in Islam studies, to address these and other important questions.

Dr. Andy Bannister is the Director and Lead Apologist for RZIM-Canada. He regularly speaks throughout Canada, the U.S. and Europe, and he frequently speaks around the world. From churches to universities, business forums to TV and radio, Dr. Bannister regularly addresses Christian and non-Christian audiences on issues relating to faith, culture, politics and society. Andy is the author of An Oral-Formulaic Study of the Qur’an, a groundbreaking and innovative study that reveals many of the ways the Qur’an was first composed. His latest book, The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist (or: The Terrible Consequences of Really Bad Arguments), is a humorous engagement with the New Atheism.

The C.S Lewis Institute is a nonprofit organization designed to develop disciples who will articulate, defend and live their faith in Christ in personal and public life. If you found this video interesting or would like more information about the institute you can visit our website at
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Dr. Andy Bannister – The Qur’an or the Gospels: Where is the real Jesus to be found?

Andy speaks about the Quranic Jesus and the  Jesus from the Bible.

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