“Jesus Historically Fulfilled Over 300 Prophecies…Accidentally?”- [[Short yet very powerful video!]]





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One of the most convincing evidences for the inspiration and validity of the Scriptures is the verified historical fulfillment of hundreds of specific predictions. The historical figure, Jesus of Nazareth, fulfilled over 300 precise detailed predictions. These ranged from the place of his birth, the method of his death, and even the amount of money he would be betrayed for. A serious thinker must investigate these claims, and not simply dismiss them. If true, they have tremendous implications regarding the existence of God, the validity of the Christian Scriptures, and the true identity of Jesus of Nazareth.

This video investigates the statistical probabilities of just 8 prophecies of Jesus Christ coming true by accident. The research was done by Dr. Peter Stoner in his classic book “Science Speaks” and is available for free on the internet.

I encourage you to put aside your presuppositions, and follow the evidence and proof wherever it leads you. Examine the facts. Make a reasoned decision based on investigation, not an irrational one based purely on emotion.

– Pastor J.

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