HOW TO GET STARTED READING THE BIBLE || Our Journey as New Believers




If you are new to the Bible, you may not know where to start or what to do. But don’t worry because you are not alone! In this video, Ronnie and Mel will share their testimony of how they got started reading the Bible as new believers.

They will share things like where they started, what versions of Bibles they started with, what some of the hardest things were and advice if you too are a new Christian and wanting to know how to read and understand the Bible as a beginner.

So let’s hear their journey in the Scripture and see how these tips and advice can help you figure out the basics to reading God’s Word!

R O N N I E & M E L // Ronnie Faisst, a freestyle motocross pioneer turned preacher. Melissa Faisst, a motocross model turned missionary! On this channel, we help YOU find God & walk with Him in your daily lives!

Christianity doesn’t have to be complicated, it can actually be cool! And we want to equip you to find your purpose & walk in your God-given destiny!

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Love & Blessings!
Ronnie and Mel

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