Strength & Comfort (Bible Declarations with Calm Music Background)



This voice you hear speaking God’s Word is a voice connected to a passionate heart for God’s Word. Need Strength or Comfort from God’s Word?


Strength & Comfort (Bible Declarations with Calm Music Background) I would read this whole book every month and one day I decided I could not keep this good news to myself. The Words that you and I are hearing in this video began to sink deep into my heart and mind. I discovered an inner transformation began to take place as I listened and read these words daily. My relationship with God and people began to flourish. My income grew 3 times. Joy is continually in my heart and peace guards my heart and mind. These are just some of the fruits that are now evident in my life and I attribute all to the good in my life to these words you now get to absorb daily. Now they are here for you to daily enjoy as well.

Enjoy listening to these Scripture Declarations while you sleep, or even while you are awake. This is a great video to listen to in the morning while you get ready for work, at work during the day, or while you brush your teeth and go to sleep at night.

The Bible is a powerful Word to help you through life’s greatest challenges and questions. Find peace, stability confidence, and trust. Take the Word for what it is. It is health and healing to all your flesh. Enjoy and be satisfied with the Bread of Life. Let your life work as you practice the principles of God’s Wisdom. More videos to come. Stay tuned.

Stay tune for upcoming videos with other Books of the Bible and be prepared for your life to work too!

What are your Favorite Scripture Declarations?

Do you have a favorite Verse in this season of your life?

We want to hear from you!
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