Did JESUS CLAIM to be GOD | Bible teaching about JESUS CHRIST

Did JESUS CLAIM to be GOD | Bible teaching about JESUS CHRIST ...




In this video, I answer one of your questions, “Did Jesus really claim to be God?”

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In this video, we look at what the bible says about Jesus. Did Jesus claim to be God?
For some reason, many people say that He does not claim to be God, but if we look at scripture it is very clear that Jesus did claim to be God. Those who followed Him also claimed that He is God.
Watch the full video to see what the bible teaches us about Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the Messiah, He is the King of Kings and He is God. His role is the Son of the Father, but He and God the Father are one.
Jesus always knew exactly who He was, He never doubted. Compare that with other religious founders and you will be amazed.
The next question you should ask yourself is, “why did Jesus come to earth”, and “what makes Jesus so different from other religious founders.”

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