Urgent Message. Jesus Christ is Coming. Get SAVED before the rapture of the church.

Urgent Message. Jesus Christ is Coming. Get SAVED before the rapture of the  church. - YouTube

This message is about the rapture, hell and getting saved through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. This is directed towards the unbeliever and un-saved, with a critical message for this hour we are in.

The Bible makes it clear regarding the times we are in and that Jesus Christ will return to evacuate His believers before the tribulation is unleashed.

This is a long video but an important message to those who are not born again. I pray someone out there gives their life to the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour.

I made a comment in this video about not caring about the elections. Of course the elections are important and critical to me. My point was SALVATION is the most important decision one can make for their life. This was to point out GOD’s WORD-comes first in how my family lives out His plans – FIRST. Also, that many of the UN-SAVED place their faith in JUST the elections.

Our family participates in the blessing of voting and VOTE in every election and yes, THIS election is CRITICAL.

We believers in Jesus do this because we are witnesses to what Jesus Christ did for us. I share my faith because someone shared their faith in Jesus Christ with me and I answered the invitation.

Like it or not, millions of believers will VANISH in an INSTANT and those left behind will suffer in ways you can’t imagine.

Look at the stage being set for the end. Get saved. This is your RSVP.

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