From hell to heaven! Ex Buddhist Steve Kang’s Testimony of Salvation thru Jesus Christ!

Steve Kang

Pastor at OC and LA Gospel Community Churches –
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“It takes one word from Jesus, one encounter with God to transform our lives.” I couldn’t agree more with Steve! This is one of my favorite episodes from “Defining Moments,” a Documentary Interview Series that I am currently producing and directing. There’s something so contagious about hearing the genuine encounter someone has with God and how it can set our lives into the same victory, excitement, and passion they have for life. These aren’t easy times and I can attest to feeling very unmotivated and often depressed in the day to day. But Steve has reminded me of the power of thankfulness and tools like “shifting the focus from ourselves to others”…because God’s been so generous with me, I have so much to give and I am so blessed to live!! I am so grateful that my job gives me the honor to film the beauty and struggle of the shared human experience. Thank you to GOOD TV USA 北美好消息電視




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