I Heard a Voice That Said “TRUST ME AND FOLLOW ME” – MUST WATCH Testimony of EX-GANG Member!


I Heard a Voice That Said “TRUST ME AND FOLLOW ME” – MUST WATCH Testimony of EX-GANG Member!

“My earthly father never showed up, but my Heavenly Father showed up.”

Brandon grew up in a single parent household. His father was not present in his life the way he should have been.
He was exposed to alcohol, drugs, physical abuse, and more as a young child that marked his life as he grew up.
His father passed away and from there, generational curses were activated.

After he did life on his own, he hit wall after wall until he was at the end of himself. God gave him a vision that changed his life forever.
Listen to this incredible testimony of God as a Father and His love for His children.

0:00 Introduction
0:21 Life Before Christ – Childhood and Adulthood
3:54 A Vision from God – A Turning Moment
6:02 Drawing Closer to God
7:34 A Word for YOU (the viewer)
9:19 A Word of Encouragement
10:32 Outro

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