Prosperity false gospel, word of faith and new age deception

Doreen Virtue

Joel Osteen teaches the new age belief that we humans are creators, and that our words create our dreams into reality. In this video, clips of Osteen’s speeches are compared with clips of Abraham-Hicks, who was popularized in The Secret as teaching the Law of Attraction.

Osteen does not mention God’s will, nor acknowledging and repenting from our sin, nor the work on the cross of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Instead, Osteen teaches a man-centered false gospel, designed to make people feel good, instead of leading people into salvation.

This video features the testimony of Leonia Alves, who was a Reiki practitioner and yoga teacher, until she left the new age. Unfortunately, as she was leaving the new age, she got hooked on Joel Osteen’s speeches, which seemed so familiar to her because of his new age teachings. Once Leonia began studying the Bible, she realized that Osteen’s teachings were unbiblical and she stopped following him.

Videos mentioned in this interview include:

Reiki Deception:

Proof that Constantine did NOT change the Bible: Https://

You can contact Leonia at

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