Atheist becomes Christian after reading this book…


Nathan Penny was not raised in a Christian home but did attend his 1st Communion. As a teenager, he turned to partying and drugs, which continued into his college years. While working as a bartender, he met a co-worker whom he started a relationship with. Her father was a pastor, but she wanted to be with someone not like her father at all. They had a child together and later married. They would visit her parents occasionally and attend a church where his father-in-law was the pastor. During one of those visits, he was given the book Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. It stayed by his bedside for many months. One night when he couldn’t sleep, he started reading the book. While reading the book, he became convinced that Jesus was Lord and the scales had been removed from his eyes and he was amazed to see that Jesus was real.

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