Jewish Jiu-jitsu Champion Meets Jesus | Daniel’s Testimony


How does a Jewish guy at the top of his game come to faith in Jesus? Watch Daniel’s journey to faith in Jesus Yeshua through martial arts.

Is a Jewish person that puts their faith in Jesus still Jewish? Absolutely! Being Jewish has always been an ethnicity stemming from the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There have always been Jewish believers in Jesus since the time of Jesus. God promised to preserve the Jewish people and that there will always be a remnant of Jewish believers. We are seeing the promises of God being fulfilled even today as more and more Jewish people are bold enough to read the New Testament and discover their true Messiah and Savior

Dana’s story is a touching one about how she, as a Jewish woman found a love she never experienced before in Jesus.

After despair, loneliness and looking for God in all the wrong places, she was shocked where she found him.

When a Jewish person puts their faith in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and Savior of the world, they don’t stop being Jewish. They simply realize who the Messiah is. In many cases, coming to faith in Jesus connects Jewish people even more to their Jewish roots.

Watch this touching story of Dean who tried to prove that the New Testament was full of lies but ended up finding the Messiah.

Roy didn’t want God to exist but God showed him the Messiah anyway. Watch Roy’s story of faith and how he found freedom in Jesus Yeshua. Roy feels even closer to his Jewish roots now that he has found freedom in Jesus the Messiah.

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