The Historical Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection w/ Dr. Calum Miller & Dr. Max Baker-Hytch

Capturing Christianity

This video features a 3.5 hour discussion between myself (Cameron) and two scholars (Dr. Calum Miller and Dr. Max Baker-Hytch) on the historical evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus. It was originally broadcast as a 5-part podcast series and was formatted into one long episode for YouTube. Enjoy!

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0:00 – Cameron sips coffee + Welcome

1:12 – Introduction of Dr. Calum Miller 5:16

Introduction of Dr. Max Baker-Hytch 7:19

Faith Journeys + Prior Probability 14:52

Resource Recommendations 18:20

Prolegomena to the Evidence 29:37

Approaches to Arguing for the Resurrection 41:03

The Idea of Resurrection in the First Century 45:35

A “Spiritual” Resurrection? 51:49

Sources for the Resurrection: 1 Cor 15 1:03:41

The Importance of Burial Rituals 1:10:32

The Historical Joseph of Arimathea 1:21:46

Jesus’ Burial Site 1:32:51

The Empty Tomb 1:37:23

The Testimony of Women 1:44:23

Summary of the Burial Accounts of Jesus 1:48:43 – P

liny the Younger on the Early Christians 1:53:56

Eye Witnesses + James + Paul + Apostles 2:01:32

Embellishment + Mary Magdalene + Summary of Sources and Witnesses 2:05:07

Alternative Theories on the Resurrection + “The Disciples Lied” Theory 2:09:40

“Wrong Tomb” Theory 2:11:49

“Swoon” (Apparent Death) Theory 2:16:47

“Hallucination” or “Grief Hypothesis” Theory 2:35:00

Bayes Factor + Weighing the Evidence for Resurrection 2:55:20

Worst Objections to the Resurrection Hypothesis 2:58:03

Summary of All of the Evidence for the Resurrection 3:11:07 – Their New Book on the New Testament

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