Hindus, Sikhs,Jains and Muslims in India are seeking Jesus Christ more and more now than ever before.


Testimony of a punjabi girl – in Hindi


Testimony of a Jain woman- India


Hindu swami Guru on the power of Jesus Christ


Testimony from a former Hindu who studied the Bible and came to Christ


 Hindu Punjabi Nihit Arora’s Hindi testimony on Jesus Christ-

Nihit went through a period of turmoil and depression during his childhood, with no hope he took a suicidal path untill he miraculously met the Lord Jesus Christ.


Punjabi man who was involved with the Mafia now gets involved with Jesus Christ

Baljinder, a member of international mafia run into a phase in life where he was on target of police and of mafia. Death was hanging on his head to take with her. His father took him to a priest who prayed for him. Baljinder put his faith in Lord Jesus and situation changed. Death threat was no more there. Praise the name of Lord Jesus !!!


Former Hindu man from Kerala comes to Jesus Christ- In Malayalam


Testimony of a Gujarati former Hindu man- in Gujarati


A former Kannada hindu priest accepted Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior-in Hindi & English


Missionary/pastor sanjay kumar dey (Bengali) conversion from Hindu to Christianity


Tamil Christian Testimony – Bro. Mohammed Ajhas


Dr. Vikas Kamble, Marathi preaching


Testimony of Hindu Convert to Christianity explaining Vedas – Sadhu Chellapaa- In Hindi & English


Kalbinder Chhina’s Testimony -An ex punjabi Sikh woman

Kalbinder was originally from a traditional Sikh family who all spoke Punjabi and often visited the Sikh temple – her parents came from India in their 40s. In her late teens, Kalbinder had a powerful encounter with Jesus and she shares about how she become a Christian, the obstacles encountered from her strict parents, God’s call on her to go to bible school, and her parent’s subsequent conversion to Christianity. There are also testimonies of answered prayer and healing – two of these are in Punjabi! The first part begins with Kalbinder speaking, in English



Click here to see more Testimonies from other Indians who were Muslims/Christians/Sikh/Jain who are now following The Living God.







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