Answering Jehovah Witnesses



Why should Christians spend the time to answer Jehovah Witnesses?   There are several reasons we should concern ourselves with those involved in the “Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society”. First, Christians are called to be light in a dark world. Many Jehovah Witnesses are sincere people feeling they have the truth. Millions have been born into the movement, and many searching for God, feel they have found the “Truth” in the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society.  By learning how to share the Gospel with Jehovah Witnesses, we will be able to free those entrapped in a false system.

Secondly, Jehovah Witnesses are very active in evangelizing, many searching for God, are not aware of the history and beliefs of this movement.    By learning how to answer and educate those  seeking God, we can rescue souls from Hell, or from years of a fruitless spiritual existence.




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