Nadia Khalil Bradley: Jesus Christ Appears and Speaks to a Muslim Woman

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  by -Joshua Tongol

If Christ appeared to you out of nowhere, what would you do?

In this episode, I interview Nadia Khalil Bradley. Nadia began her journey in a tight-knit Palestinian-American community located in a suburb of Chicago. A devout Muslim, she followed the traditions upheld in the community and within the culture, having very little knowledge of Christ. She had been writing to God for years, until one day, he answered her. In 2002, while still a Muslim, Nadia had a vision of Christ that literally changed her life forever. Since then, she has been sharing her experiences and insights through her writing (3 books so far) and podcast show (Christisms). Her books include Little Wing, Origins of Truth, and her latest, Original Love.


IN THIS EPISODE, NADIA ANSWERS THE FOLLOWING: • What did Christ look like? Was he a ghostly figure? Floating in mid-air? • What were you feeling at that moment when you saw Christ face to face? • How has this experience changed your life? • What did Christ sound like? Was it a voice in your head? A “knowing”? Audible? • So how do you know it’s Christ you’re hearing and not just your ego? • Why did Christ reveal himself to you this way? Are you special? • What is the main message Christ came to bring you? • What were some of the questions Christ asked you? • Do you still hear Christ today the same way you heard him the first time? • Do you still see Christ in a physical form? • When you pray, do you make a distinction between God and Christ? • Who is Christ to you? God? A messenger? • Do you still consider yourself a Muslim? Or did you become a Christian? • How do you know there is no hell? • How do you handle the skeptics? • Some Christians say your experience was demonic. What is your response? • Has this experience affected your relationships with friends and family? • What are some truths you’ve learned throughout the years?


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