Rabbi Loren Jacobs, searched and found God (Jesus) through reading the Bible | Jewish Testimonies

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More testimonies on http://bit.ly/11mFagA. “As a student I sensed that something was missing from the Judaism to which he was exposed. It gave no satisfactory answers to the big questions about life. Jacobs studied philosophy but was also looking in other areas such as psychology and Oriental philosophy. One of the courses on the university was studying some evidence for the existence of God. At the end of the semester, he came to the belief that God exists. For the first time he began to read the Bible, starting with the New Testament. Then he began discovering prophecies in the Jewish Scriptures about the Messiah, like Isaiah 53. While reading the Bible and praying, it became clear to him that Jesus is really the Jewish Messiah and that the New Testament is through and through a Jewish Book.” Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JewishTestimo… Website: http://www.jewishtestimonies.com Contact: http://www.jewishtestimonies.com/en/c…

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