Yeshua Band OFFICIAL Music Mashup Video | Live-in-concert | 2017

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Yeshua Ministries is a Hindi gospel band led by Cameron Mendes making Christian worship songs. This Yeshua Band music video is a mashup of old and new Hindi worship like Tumsa Koi Nahi. This Yeshua Band concert video was recorded live at a Yeshua Concert.

Songs in this video:
00:00 Hallelujah
03:43 Sabse Uncha
07:43 Tumsa
12:43 Tu Hi Tha
14:18 Yeshu Tera Naam
16:18 Tu Hi Rab Hai

Other famous Yeshua Band Songs: Yeshua Tera Naam Sabse Uncha Hai, Hum Gaye Hosanna Yeshua, Gao Hallelujah, Rock n Roll, Hungama, Bhajan.

Production by Mediahouse Mumbai

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