Why is Christianity so Unique and Different from any other Religion?

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Christainity is not a religion but its the Personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Not everyone who is born in a Christian Family, Wears a cross on their neck, goes to Church is a Christian. To be a true Christian you have to personally accept Jesus as  your personal Saviour, follow him and his commands!

More on how to accept and follow Christ below.





Prophecy Old Testament Prophecy New Testament Fulfillment

Born of a virgin Isaiah 7:14
Matt. 1:18, 25

Born at Bethlehem Micah 5:2
Matt. 2:1

He would be preceded by a Messenger Isaiah 40:3
Matt. 3:1-2

Rejected by His own people Isaiah 53:3
John 7:5, 7:48

Betrayed by a close friend Psalm 41:9
John 13:26-30

His side pierced Zech. 12:10
John 19:34

Crucifixion Psalm 22:1
Psalm 22:11-18
Luke 23:33
John 19:23-24

Resurrection of Christ Psalm 16:10
Acts 13:34-37

There are so many many other Prophecies that have been fulfilled and yet to be, you can type in Prophecy on the search to find articles related to that on this website.

Articles on Prophecies from the Bible-



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