Is Jesus the only Way?




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HOOK: Is believing in Jesus Christ the ONLY way to get to God? (You may need to know the answer to this or you are wondering yourself. That stats are in. 56% of all professing Christians believe there is another way to get to heaven other than Jesus.
I mean you have Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, JW’s Mormons to name a few. So how can Jesus and Christianity be the ONLY way? Today I want to share with you 4 things that totally set him apart from every other religious leader that has ever lived.

1. Power – No other religious leader DID what He DID
a. Miracles, Resurrections, raised Himself from the dead, He walked on water (even the Holy Qu’ran mentions Jesus’ miracles)
b. The greatest miracle in the history of time is His own resurrection 3 days after He was crucified in which He showed Himself alive to over 500 people as proof that the resurrection indeed was an actual historical event (add scripture).
c. Jesus Himself said, “if you don’t believe in my message then fine. But at least believe in the works that I do.” In other words, Jesus didn’t just say He was the only way He backed it up by doing things that no other religious leader has ever done. Not only did Jesus raise Himself from the dead but He prophesied He was going to do it beforehand which leads me to my second reason…
2. Prophecies – No other religious leader FULFILLED prophecy
a. He was the only religious leader who was able to fulfill prophecies written about Him hundreds of years before He came to the earth – No other leader can boast of that (the odds of 1 man fulfilling 8 prophecies in a lifetime is 1 x 10^17). Virgin birth, prophecies about the exact date when Jesus would die and exactly how He would die. And Jesus fulfilled these prophecies and many others with perfect accuracy.
3. Preaching/Message – No other religious leader TAUGHT what He TAUGHT
a. Jesus is the only religious leader who provided a genuine solution for the problem of sin.
b. Every other religious leader teaches that you must DO something in order to earn salvation & forgiveness which puts you in a very insecure and uncertain state because you never really know if you’ve done enough righteous works to earn God’s favor.
c. Jesus teaches that He’s already done the work for you. All you have to do is to BELIEVE one thing and you are saved.
d. All nine of the founders of religions except Jesus admit to going through a period of uncertainty where they were searching for truth and enlightenment.
4. Perfection – No other religious leader LIVED how He LIVED
a. Some of the other religious leaders even to their own admission led very sinful lives. Some of them were polygamists, others were murderers, some of them made countless prophecies that never came to pass. But Jesus is the only religious leader who lived a sinless perfect life even to the point where the very people who crucified Him admitted that they could find no fault in Him.
i. Jesus (Jn. 8:46), His followers (Heb. 4:15) and His enemies (John 19:6) all asserted His perfect life
b. Mohammad confessed his sin and was a man like us – Surah 18:110 – Killed many people who disagreed with him. (also said majority of people in hell would be women)
c. Siddhartha Gautama, founder of Buddhism abandoned his wife and son to achieve “enlightenment.”
d. Joseph Smith the founder of Mormonism made prophecies and claims that never came to pass making him a liar and supported polygamy and took on extra wives.

Now for the Christian who says that there is another way to heaven besides Jesus you are saying that the Bible is false (Acts 4:12) and Jesus was a liar (John 14:6) because He said very clearly that He was THE way, THE truth and THE life and that NO ONE can come to the Father except through Him.

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