Why Does God Allow Evil And Suffering?




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The number one question that people would ask God would be, “Why did you allow so much Evil and Suffering?” That’s coming up next on the BEAT.

Hey everyone my name is Allen Parr thank you so much for visiting my channel. Here on the beat we release a new video every single Tuesday and today we are tackling the tough question, “Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?” This is a question that people have asked since the beginning of time and has been coined, “The Atheist’s Most Potent Weapon” and the argument goes like this. Either A) God is helpless and not all-powerful because if He was He would be able to put a stop to evil and suffering. Or B) God is not a good and loving God because good and loving God will allow suffering and evil. So atheists are like, “See I gotcha! You don’t have an answer!” But there actually are some answers that God has revealed in the Bible (you may or may not like them) and I want to share several of them with you today.

PREMISE: That everything in this universe belongs to God which means He has the right to do whatever He desires to do with it because it belongs to Him.

1. Sometimes God allows SUFFERING because He has a Greater Purpose For It that we cannot see
a. The greatest example of this is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. As evil and gruesome as it was God allowed it because He had a greater purpose in mind, specifically that you and I could become Christians, receive complete and total forgiveness of our sins and live for eternity with God.

2. God uses SUFFERING to get our attention and turn us towards God
a. I’m reminded of when in the OT God was trying to get Israel’s attention because they had backslidden. And in one text God said, “I killed your young men with the sword…yet you still did not return to me.” In other words I used that to get your attention to draw you back to me.
b. In the same way the Sunday after 9/11 churches attendance was at an all-time high. Could it be that God used the tragedy of 9/11 to get our attention as a nation and turn us back towards Him.

3. Sometimes God allows suffering to DISCIPLINE individuals or nations
a. In the OT a king by the name of David had an adulterous affair with a woman named Bathsheba. And God chose to discipline him by allowing the child of the affair to die.
b. In the same way that we discipline our own children, He does this as an act of love so we don’t do something more destructive to our own lives.

4. God allows SUFFERING to make our TESTIMONY stronger [God’s #1 priority is not our happiness]
a. In Hosea 1 God says, “Hosea, I want you to marry a woman who will one day commit adultery on you because I want you to know personally how it feels to love someone unconditionally who continues to be unfaithful to you so that when you are speaking to the people you’ll know personally how I feel when they continue to be unfaithful to me”
b. In the same way God uses your suffering to make you stronger so that you can comfort people from a place of experience rather than intellectual knowledge.

Now I recognize that none of these answers provide comfort to those who have experienced deep suffering but what it should do is get us to take our eyes off of this temporal existence and place our focus on heaven where the Bible says there will be no more death, no tears, no sorrow and no pain.

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