My Experience with Jesus! He met me in my room! Full Testimony!







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Published on May 1, 2017

It was 5 years ago when I experienced JESUS in my life room telling me that I must repent or I was going to go to hell. I lived a life full of myself saying that I knew him but I did not live like I did. It was that moment when I asked him to truly show me who he was because I was about to walk away from my faith because I was so hurt and so full of anger and I needed him! He did just that.
I am an ex-weed head, entertainment guru, self absorb sinner who met Jesus face to face and asked him to forgive me for every sin I committed and he did just that!
After meeting him, I then developed a true relationship with the Holy Spirit, allowing him to have full range in my life. Everyday is a new day where I can either run to him or run away. I choose to run to him and my life hasn’t been the same.
I pray that whoever is watching this can see that you do not have to change to know who Jesus is, you have to believe in him and then ask him to show you his way and then repent! When you repent you have to live a life daily of repentance because the word of God says that NO SIN will inherit the kingdom of God. Therefore we need JESUS! We need to believe that his blood covers our sins and we can walk with him daily so we can live a sinless lifestyle. Its possible! I pray that you can have a revelation similar to mine by reading your word, praying and developing a spiritual relationship with JESUS! HE LOVES YOU!

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