Danna Weiss: Jewish Yoga Teacher Saved By Jesus

Jews for Jesus

We invite you to join us for Conversations with Jewish Believers in Jesus, hosted by Jeff Morgan. In this episode, Jeff talks with Jewish artist and writer Danna Weiss about her transition from being a new age adherent to a Jewish follower of Yeshua.
Though raised in a Jewish household, Danna Weiss connected more with New Age beliefs. For many years, Weiss worked as a proficient professional crystal healer and Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher. But after suffering from severe physical ailments and traumatic visions that her metaphysical practice couldn’t assuage, Danna questioned her beliefs. Soon after, she began to follow Yeshua and immediately began to heal. Today, she shares her experience with those in similar situations, offers support, and helps them find a new path to freedom.

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Part2 of the Testimony above-

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