Jain family turn to Lord Jesus…Beautiful Testimony(Hindi)





http://glorytv.co.uk/home/watch-live/ (Watch Live TV online : Hindi-Urdu & Punjabi)
http://www.karma2grace.org/ ( Dialogue between Christians and Hindus)
Sangeeta Jain was born and raised in the United States of America. Born into a Jain family, Sangeeta did not know the Lord until 1990, when her entire family converted to Christianity. Prior to the family’s conversion, on June 14, 1986, Sungeeta and her family were in a devastating car accident that left Sungeeta confined to a wheelchair. At the age of ten, Sungeeta had to relearn how to live her life, from putting on her socks, to moving about using a wheelchair. At the same time, she learned how to believe in herself and trust God. Determined not to let her disability hinder her, Sungeeta graduated from a top engineering college in the US with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. She also a degree holder in Law from United States. Out of college she worked as an advisor to two high court judges. Among the many blessings of God in her life, Sungeeta won the title of Miss Teen of Washington in 1993, becoming the first person in the world in a wheelchair. She was also third runner up in the Miss Teen of America Pageant. Over the years Sungeeta, a Jain Christian had the privilege of sharing her testimony and about how God has touched her with school children, political figures, churches, hospitals, youth groups and community groups both in India and the United States. God has powerfully moved at all gatherings, healing the sick, delivering the oppressed and filling His people with the baptism and power of the Holy Spirit. Now Sangeeta and her family settled in India and actively work in the building of the Kingdom of God. Also she is travelling to many countries and proclaiming his message of Salvation.

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