Testimony by Pastor Mohammed Yamout(Ex-Muslim) & His Ministry in Tyre





November 1st 2015 Testimony by Pastor Mohammed Yamout & His Ministry in Tyre.

Pastor Yamout’s lecture will provide insights on the current conditions in the Middle East and how God is at work in the region.
“This lecture gives us an opportunity to learn more about the Syrian humanitarian crisis and how we might affect positive change,” Dr. Shannon Harris, interim director for the Institute said. “The King Institute for Faith and Culture is pleased to support Pastor Mohammad’s conversation with our community.”
Pastor Yamout was born in 1966 to a Muslim Sunni family in Lebanon. At the age of 14, he began attending an Evangelical Church Sunday School ministry where he gave his life to Christ. Mohammad’s family rejected him; he had to leave his home and spend his next years working and living in a warehouse.
Two attempts were made to kill him by fundamentalist groups because of his zeal in evangelizing. However, Pastor Yamout’s local church continued to disciple him and helped fund his education. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.
For the past seven years, Pastor Mohammad, his wife, and five children have lived in the city of Tyre in Southern Lebanon where they have dedicated their ministry to planting a church among Muslim Shiite people. Pastor Mohammad’s vision is to see local churches planted in all of the countries of the Middle East by establishing Outreach Centers.

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