My Psychic Powers Were No Match for Jesus! | Ron Cohen

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In this It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 1999: As a child, Ron Cohen had friends without bodies. He used to slip out of his body and travel to other locations. But he soon found his psychic powers were no match for Jesus!

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  1. Regarding your featured video: “My Psychic Powers Were No Match for Jesus! | Ron Cohen” – very intriguing, however, there are some red flags. The first red flag for me was his association of vegetarianism with evil spirit living, and his newly awakened good spirit living and eating meat, which left me feeling skeptical.

    He says he was baptized by Pat Robertson at the 700 club so I decided to research into whether Pat Robertson was a real Christian or a phony. What I found is that according to a Christian group “Jesus is Savior”, Pat Robertson and his Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) are Luciferian:


    • With all due respect , Satan is a great deceiver and his job is to deceive people/walk them away from the path of God. I checked out the website you are taking about and it looks like someone’s pure opinion , I didn’t see anything positive and Godly . Pat Robertson is well hated by lots of people on the other side of Christian table and the main stream media because of his opinions that are based on the Bible not the current cultural cycle . I respectfully ask you to do more research from legit sources not mere opinion blogs about people who are doing God’s work . As for me the 700 club has always been inspirational and helped me strengthen /encourage my faith in Jesus!
      Remember Satan is a great deceiver and he is out to devour believers like us .


    • In my opinion -If something that discourages you from the walk towards God instead of encouraging – I usually run away from that source. I personally have people in life who are walking far away from Jesus and they can’t stand Pat Robertson because of the statement he has made over the years regarding Abortion ,homosexuality and matters that are sinful and not godly .


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