Iran/Israel/Turkey/America/Russia etc as in current times & future {Bible predictions are coming true in our lifetime!}Must watch!



In this session, we’ll discover four major trends of Bible prophecy, investigate the Bible’s teaching about ancient Persia, and consider the connections between modern Iran and biblical predictions. As we study together, we’ll find both the information and inspiration we need to continue standing firm in the Lord and share Him with others.



Bonus videos-




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  1. […] John Ankerberg Show In this session, we’ll look at the important predictions about this period of time from the perspective of Western nations. We’ll discover the tremendous rejection of God in the West during the tribulation, as well as God’s supernatural power to preserve Israel. These events can also impact our lives today. We are called to live prepared, pure, and productive as we await Christ’s rapture of the church and the future tribulation upon the earth. MORE VIDEOS ON THIS TOPIC BELOW… […]


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