Exposing an illogical Islamic Argument in Under 3 Minutes! (Excerpt Clip)

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Every Muslim I come into conversation with says “the Bible’s been changed and corrupted”. What every Muslim needs to know is, in the Quran, Allah says the complete opposite; that the entire Bible is 100% preserved! Watch this short clip where I refute this false claim by using the Quran.
**To watch full video, click here:
 Sourced from the Youtube channel of Hossein
TAGS- is the bible corrupted?  Quran says that the bible is corrupted ,  koran/qu’ran claims jesus christ never died on the cross, Qu’ran claims jesus christ was not the son of God…is there any truth to this??


  1. Very interesting. I know that the truth of God will eventually come to the surface but it scares me what man will do to each other trying to prove their perceived truth of God and His truth. May God give you wisdom and truth as you teach those who will listen.


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