Algerian Muslim family comes to Christ-In Arabic with translation in text in English






I am from Algeria , I am the elder one in my Muslim family like any other Algerian Muslim family. My mother was a devout Muslim who love Allah more in my family. She is more close to Allah , Islam and Prophet Mohammad. When I was young heard about Allah and when am grown up , I learn more about Allah , and followed all my prayers to Allah and stuff . During the prayer I don’t felt anything from inside of my heart. I am always felt like , Allah and heaven is very far from this earth and also there is no sincere love for Allah in my heart. Also not felt like Allah is near my side or loving me. I am the elder one in my house , and have my sister , 20 years old . Also I have a brother , of 14 years old. My brother Nader , became sick at the age of 6. Every time one or two months he was admitted in the hospital and always accompany with my mother or myself or my sister. At the age of 8 , a Medical doctor (prof) from France visited here in Algeria and diagnosed (Checked) my brother . He informed to my parents that no other treatment available, your son have life only till 12 years or 13 years old and no more. My mother’s Algerian friend came in to my house and she inquired about my brother. First time i see her.
As for Islam , sickness or illness is predestined for each person…nobody can change it…you have to suffer , that is your destiny . As a Muslim , we are not pray for healing . In Islam , there is no need of pray for sickness or other sufferings. My mother’s friend was an Algerian Christian , asked why my mummy remain unhappy? My mummy said about the sickness of my brother and our sufferings. Then my mother’s friend brought her Church members to my house and prayed for my brother. Next Saturday, my mummy , Dad and brother went to that Algerian Church & attend the meetings.Also the church prayed for my brother’s sickness. After 3 days , we noticed some changes in my brother. But we don’t know the actual condition of my brother. So my mother took him to the hospital for check his health. After checking doctors also found considerable changes in him. They inquired where we get medical treatment for my brother for such a sudden healing? They asked, what you did for your son? Mummy said we went to a Church and prayed to the Lord for healing.
I am very happy for that miracle. Afterwards my mummy , dad and brother gave their life to the Lord , and joined with Church and became Christian. Myself and my sister not joined with them because we scared others(Muslims) calling us “Kaffir” [ unbelievers]. My mummy and Dad never told us to join with them to Church. But Lord slowly worked in our life. So one Saturday we decided to go to Church just to see what is happening there. Other than Islam , we felt the Love of God in the Church. The Love of Father God towards the sons and daughters. Allah is not stay far away like, I felt in Islam , felt very close to us. Then gradually understand about the faith by reading Bible , and also heard from the Church.
Myself, my sister and brother all give life to the Lord and joined the church. My brother of 14 years old , love the Lord and participate the church services. That is really a miracle for my brother Nader , his life completely changed. Especially my brother’s healing is a great miracle in our life. All our family relatives knew about the miraculous healing . And so there is no problem for us to attend the church . There is registered Churches in Algeria , thanks God there is no problem right now, other than some problems faced long time back. There is many Algerian Muslims joining the churches. So we have Pastor Mohammad , Pastor Ali , Pastor Mustafa in Algerian Churches , yes that is common in our Church. Nothing impossible for our Lord , Church flourished in the midst of Arabic and Islam.
There is more than 1500 members in my church ,all came from Algerian Muslim background or from Islam. These churches all are registered and function same like churches in Egypt and Lebanon. Some families got parents still Muslims and children became Christians. We can see the Lord is doing great work in Algeria and also other Arab countries.
I started my Muslim prayer at the age of 7 years continue till 24 years as a Muslima who love Allah and Islam. I became a Christian at the age of 24. I have no problem with my parents to become Christians. But at that time , am not willing to go to the Church. One day morning, mummy invite me to the Church, and said come & see how Christians are praying. Also I was noticed of that changes happened in the life of Mummy & Dad after they became Christians very different from as they were Muslims. “Wudu” (ceremonial Muslim washing before prayer) and Prayer(muslim) already disappeared from our house. Starting from 7 years old to this day did my Islamic prayer like , repeat the same over and over . However in the church we have praise & worship the Lord, most of the days. Now almost 2 years , we became Christians and joined with an Algerian Church . Here many Algerians are joining to the Church and became Christians. My message to Muslims those who are watching this program : Every body want to know the purpose of our life and ask Lord to come & work in our life. Get rid of the mechanical prayer that repeating over & over. Open your heart to the Lord for work in our heart as per His way and the will of God.
Algerian Peoples(Muslims) say becoming a Christian is for getting money and visa . Yes , me too heard about this story , before I became a Christian . Really we don’t receive anything from anybody in the Church. But God is the source of everything, God will provide everything which we need. If that miracle of healing not happened in our family, may be we are not come to the Lord or even no way to know the true God . But God is to decide where we need to be and only God’s will be happen there in our life. So the miracle of healing, happened is for the will of God for the purpose….
[At the end : She talked in her mother tongue ” kabyle” or “Amazigh” (Berber) language, Arabic is her 2nd language.]

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