Why Do We Have Four Gospels?


Have you ever wondered why there were 4 gospels written instead of just one? Stick around and find out why.

Hey everyone, welcome back my name is Allen Parr and today we are answering the question, “Why do we have 4 gospels instead of just one?”

The first thing we have to realize is that each gospel was written by a different person for a difference purpose to a specific group of people.

During the time when these Gospels were written there was all sorts of information circulating around written about Jesus. There were healings, miracles, sermons, teachings, parables. Stories about His life, etc.

Each gospel writer carefully selected from this group to convince their particular audience that Jesus was indeed God.
So let’s look at Matthew

PURPOSE: To convince the Jewish people that Jesus was the promised Messiah whom THEY had just crucified.

How does he do it? Knowing that the Jews believed in the authority of the OT, Matthew used more OT Scriptures than the other writers to show how Jesus was the fulfillment of over 330 prophecies written about Him in the OT.
ii. Focuses more on how Jesus was the fulfillment of over 330 prophecies written about Him in the OT.
5. Mark
a. PURPOSE: To convince the Romans that Jesus was the promised Messiah. So Mark had to get into the mind of a Roman and ask, “What is it that would convince me to believe that Jesus is indeed God?”
b. How does he do it?
i. His gospel is the shortest because he omitted things about Jesus’ life that would probably not convince a Roman to believe in Jesus.
ii. If you’re a Roman you don’t care where Jesus was born and who His great, great granddaddy is? Just tell me what He can do for ME!
1. Genealogy & Nativity
2. Jesus’ long teachings
3. Omits most OT references
iii. Mark knew that a Roman would be impressed with a God who performed miracles, healings and raised people from the dead. So Mark focused moreso on what Jesus did rather than what Jesus said.
6. Luke – Luke was a Gentile (non-Jew) who was writing primarily to a Gentile audience. When Jesus was alive there were all these groups that the Jews considered to be rejects (lepers, prostitutes, Samaritans, Gentiles, Tax Collectors, sinners, etc.) So, Luke says, you know what, “I’m going to write a gospel that will show people that Jesus didn’t just come for the good people, the religious people, the highly aristocratic Jew.” No, Jesus came for people like you and I who messed up our lives, made poor decisions, etc. And so Luke wrote to convince these people that Jesus came for them.
a. Luke includes stories in his gospel that are not found in any of the other 3 gospels to prove that Jesus came not just for the religious Jewish people but for people who messed up their life. (Prodigal Son, Thief on the cross, prostitute, ten lepers, etc.)
b. So next time you read Luke I want you to notice how Luke wrote to convince people that if you’ve messed up your life, if you need grace or you feel like you’ve made too many mistakes, Luke writes a gospel focused on grace!
7. John – John’s gospel is unique in that 93% of its content is not found in the other three gospels. John was writing to a general audience and his purpose was to prove that Jesus was God. He did this by focusing on 7 statements that Jesus made about Himself and 8 miracles that Jesus performed during His earthly ministry in hopes of convincing his audience that Jesus is indeed God.



Is Jesus God?

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