A Muslim’s Journey to The Truth {Must watch for All!}




The truth about God is absolute, there is one God and only one Way to God and that is through our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus was with God the Father and the Holy Spirit from before even there was time, His Name was THE WORD. John 1:1-3. He has no beginning and no end, THE WORD became flesh and dwelt among us and we know Him as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Son of the living God. He lived a sinless life, taught the truth, and according to the prophecies of Torah and the Prophets and Psalms He was led to slaughter as a lamb, was crucified and after three days after He atoned for the sin of humanity, He rose from the dead, defeating death, devil and hell. Isaiah 53, Psalm 22. He has become the author of salvation to anyone who comes to Him by faith. Millions of muslims are disappointed with islam after they see and taste its vanity and meaninglessness. As result, they cry out to God and Jesus is saving them. In this video you see two former muslims who found Jesus as their Lord and Savior and now are serving Jesus by preaching the Gospel.
– what’s the difference between islam/muslim and christian/christians/christianity?
why are so many muslims coming to christ?
what does quran says ?
why did jesus christ die ?
muslim testimony for jesus christ.
why does allah only understand in arabic?
scale of islam, good deed and bad deeds, islam is a work based religion

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