Islamic theology vs Christian Faith




Because we live in pluralistic society many people think that all religions are the same, they just have a different approach, they have been taught that all religions lead to the same God. But this is not even close to the truth. It is as you ask 5 different people in a room what is 2+2? and all 5 give different answers, one said it equals to 3, one said it’s 4 one said it’s 5 etc. And the questioner respond, congratulations! you all gave the right answer!!! Likewise, all these religions fundamentally contradict each other in one way or another, so they can’t be from the same source. Islam for instance, denies the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ while for Christians those are so essential and fundamental that there wouldn’t be Christianity without them. Jesus said “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6. If Christianity is the truth and we believe it, then automatically excludes Islam because both can’t be true. Jesus came so that through His death, burial and resurrection bring salvation and redemption, and If Jesus is the Savior, then we don’t need any other religion. Islamic theology, the God of Islam is son distant, unapproachable. Muslims believe that last person God spoke to was Moses. In islamic theology, people must die and sacrifice themselves for Allah but in Christian faith, God came in the flesh, was beaten by His creatures, was crucified and then rose again. I can’t earn it, it’s a gift, Whereas in Islam, it all depends on your efforts to please allah and earn salvation. In Christian Faith, Jesus paid the price.

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