Miracles – Deaf Muslim Finds Jesus [CAUTION: THIS IS POWERFUL! 5 MINUTE VIDEO]

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Mohammed Haruna was a Muslim living in a world of anger, isolation, and confusion. Growing up in Islam, Mohammed had a concept of God, but never fully agreed with its traditions. So over the years, he switched from Islam to Christianity, and then back to Islam. He believed God existed, but was never convinced of the correct way to know Him.

Finally about ten years ago, Mohammed decided to leave all religions. Though he believed in God, he did not believe people could actually encounter or know Him. But this decision drew stark lines of division between Mohammed and his extended family. They totally rejected him. He still had his wife and two children but was banished from fellowship with his parents, relatives and lifelong community – a situation that sunk him into a deep depression.

Then in 2010, Mohammed began to lose his hearing, eventually becoming deaf. Without any money, he could not visit a doctor to diagnose or treat the problem. He simply had to live in silence.
But November 9th became the day that transformed Mohammed’s life.

While returning home from visiting his stepbrother, Mohammed missed his train. Unusual circumstances thwarted him, forcing him to stay another night in Accra. He decided to spend the night at the local plaza – where Christ for all Nations happened to be holding an evangelistic Campaign. Because Mohammed could not hear, he did not know what the event was about. So he simply lay down on a bench at the Campaign grounds and fell asleep.

But he woke up suddenly to the feeling of liquid in his ears – even though it was not raining. As he removed the liquid with his fingers, his ears popped open. His hearing had returned! And the first sound
he experienced after two years of silence was the voice of a preacher praying for the sick. Mohammed could hardly believe what was happening. But this he knew: Jesus Christ had just healed him. He rushed to the stage to share his story. Overcome with emotion, he stood before Daniel trembling with a look of astonishment on his face. “My name is Mohammed,” he said and proceeded to tell his story.

Daniel asked Mohammed if he knew the name of the one who healed him. “The messenger of the Almighty God … Jesus,” he said. Still reeling from shock, Mohammed struggled to find the words to describe what had just happened to him. Daniel explained, “Jesus is not just a messenger. He is the Son of the living God. He is the way, the truth, and the life…”

By the end of their conversation, Mohammed wanted to get the message to his wife. So he announced the name of his city and said, “If anybody knows me … tell my wife, ‘Jesus is the Son of God!’” The crowd erupted in praise. No football team had ever received such an ovation. The people were jumping and dancing and shouting for joy.
After all these years, Mohammed had finally come to know the true God. Now he hears the voice of his Good Shepherd, Jesus, and joyfully follows Him. And the message he shouted to his wife from the platform, is the message his testimony shouts to the world: Jesus Christ is the only Son of God. He alone reveals the Father, heals our bodies and saves our souls.


Crippled Beggar Healed in Jesus Name

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